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The Feng Shui Approach To Cleaning

Published / by Angelina Woolacott

There is always some amount of clutter that gets collected over time. And we never find the time to clean on a regular basis, so to turn out to be a vicious cycle. Because we almost break our backs cleaning the mess in our homes and offices about once a year, because there is so much that needs to be gotten rid of. And then we can’t keep ourselves organized so we end up collecting the same amount of clutter all over again by the time the next cleaning session approaches. But there is always that sense of immense satisfaction that you get when after your done cleaning and you look around the spotless home or office. But here are a few Feng shui tips that can make cleaning feel less like a chore and creates a purpose to it.

Minimizing kitchen clutter for better health

The most difficult aspect of any villa & apartment cleaning Dubai, is definitely tidying up the kitchen. Because it get dirty so easily with its daily use. But since the kitchen is like the common room of a home you need to make sure you build up a healthy environment in it. So fit things first getting rid of all that is unnecessary is of utmost importance. So you need to take out all the stuff from your kitchen cupboards and with a logical perspective survey all that you have and get rid of all that you don’t use. Don’t be sentimental about it. The purpose behind this is to create as much space as possible. To make the kitchen look more alive. By bringing in more potted plants, herbs and other food into the kitchen. It creates a sense of freshness that can make your day when you enter the kitchen first thing in the morning

Orange peel infused vinegar for cleaning the bathrooms

Window glass cleaning Dubai and counter top cleaning in the kitchens and the bathrooms are all about getting rid of the grime and the stench. So the orange peel infused vinegar is an excellent way of achieving this. And the act that it is non-toxic also helps. It gives the area that fresh smell along with being good at getting rid of the dirt. Event eh bathroom walls can be scrubbed down using this mix. And in order to continue keeping the air fresh we can also think about adding air purifying plants like succulents to the bathroom and kitchen.

Since we all go through this process time and time again in our lives and always keep putting it off because it feels like an unnecessary chore. Feng shui make sit feel like more of a process of creating wealth and bringing balance into our lives. And most of us can sure use some of that balance in our lives.